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This map image, identified by NASA and based on the data compiled by Western University Canada, shows the probable area where the meteor, sighted over Canada on the morning of July 24 at 2:44am, fell.

A year round resident of Eels Lake, Linda Alosinac, happened to be up that morning and saw it through the skylight of her cottage. “I witnessed the meteorite go by, through our skylight, around 2am July 24th. It lit up our living room like daylight. Scary, but awesome!” she reported.

She further added: “I think it was travelling in a North East direction (it caught me by surprise). Not sure how high up it was but it looked the size of a large grapefruit, bright yellow and seemed to have a bluish rim. Quite amazing!”

This image, in a sixty second exposure, captures the picture of both the moon (left side) and the meteor in motion (hence the moon, which was 50% illuminated, looks oval) as it was taken by the ALL SKY Camera of the North York Astronomical Association that morning. It shows the relative spectacular brightness of the object in the night sky.

Alex Dolnycky, a member of the Scarborough Gem and Mineral Club, like other “rockhounds”, plans to travel to Eels Lake this week to look for fragments. “There are already people on the ground looking for fragments in the probable area”, he said. “And with the annual Bancroft Rockhound Gemboree don’t be surprised to find many more people around your area this coming weekend.”

Dolnycky very graciously offered up the following 30 minute video that he produced on “Collecting Meteorites”  to share with those who might be interested.

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