Eels lake cottagers

Board of Directors

Pete Tolev, President

On the Lake for 23 years. He has been on the Board for 6 years. Fellow cottagers have nicknamed him: “marker buoy”. He enjoys cycling and boating and has a real passion and love for Eels Lake.

Sandy Kilgour, Water Committee

A good friend of Ronnie Hawkins, Sandy informs us that Ronnie’s song, “Days Gone By”, was written for him by his close friend Kris Kristofferson. What will intrigue fellow residents is that this song traces the history of Eels Lake and many of its long time residents, going back generations. Sandy has called his water access cottage across from Picnic Island ¬†home for over 42 years. Member of the Water Committee.

Tammy Marshall, Past Regatta Chair

Mike Nicholishen, Treasurer

Jim Tranter, Past Membership Chair

Has been on the Lake since 1970 when his parents bought the lot at an auction in Apsley and had the cottage built by Peterborough Lumber the next summer. When his parents were thinking of selling in 1994 he and his wife bought the cottage. He’s particularly proud of the fact that in his little bay all five cottages are still owned by the original families. He can’t think of a better place for families and friends to get together, relax and make lasting memories. He feels especially privileged to have his children and their future families share this experience.

Alex Bilyk, Webmaster/Water Committee

On the Lake since 1984. Member of the Water Committee. Cherishes cottaging on the Southeast side of Spooks Bay. Enjoys fishing, golf, photography and playing bridge. Firm believer in sharing good whiskey and wine with friends

Shawna Barnes, Past Regatta Chair

Ernie Bruns, Water Committee

Sandy Moffatt, Membership Chair

Made a great decision with her husband in 2013 to move from Chandos Lake to the cottage of their dreams on Eels Lake. She loves the small lake feel and how friendly and social everyone is! She joined the Board in 2017 as Chair of Membership with the hope of helping to increase ELCA’s percentage number of participants. On behalf of the association, she started selling sweatshirts last year for two reasons. First, to raise money for ELCA and secondly, to give people a chance to show how proud they are of this wonderful Lake.

Jolanda Baird, Secretary

Was fortunate to acquire a cottage on Eels Lake in the fall of 2013 and start experiencing the wonders of cottage life with family and friends. She likes to stop the car in the middle of mosquito season, leave the doors open with the kids in the car just to look at a “beautiful” piece of tree root or a nice stone at the side of the road, the forest or the beaches. She’s now acquired driftwood, forest wood and small stones and looks forward to making some picture frames and other creations from them (as soon as she learns to operate power tools!). Enjoys meeting and getting to know people on the lake through various events.

Sean Davis, Water Committee

Betsy Blanchard, Lake Beautification 

Betsy’s grandparents, Carl and Nellie Bullock and Mom Anne, arrived on Eels Lake in the early 30’s courtesy of Carleton and Marion Stamm. In 1954 Carl had Ross Reynolds fulfill his longtime dream by building him his own cottage on Eels. The cottage, in the true definition, is now 63 years old and is located directly across from Picnic Island and next to the Kilgours. Betsy is an American, but please don’t hold that against her. Her favourite spot in the world is on Eels Lake and she didn’t vote for Trump. She lives in the Chicago area some of the time and scurries to Ft. Myers in the winters, traveling when needed for her work doing team and leadership development training; helping people better connect who they are with what they do.

Don Davis, Water Committee

Don has been on the Lake since 1966 when his parents purchased the property at the north end from Bill Kidd – one of Eels Lake early pioneers. Cottage living for the Davis’ has always been a labour of love from which so much joy has come. Wife Linda, two grown children and three grandkids keep the spirit fresh. Don and his family believe that participation by all in what the association does is key to ensuring and protecting our living heritage

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