Eels lake cottagers

Eels Lake is a Trent Severn Waterway (TSW) Reservoir lake controlled by a government dam with one of the most substantial water level drops, per season, in the system. The levels drop approximately 8 feet from May to the end of September.  A clear benefit of this is that Eels has unusually clean water, as a large percentage of the water is refreshed yearly by Eels Creek, the winter snow runoff and a number of natural springs in the lake.

Eels Lake and Jacks Lake were named after First Nations brothers, Eel and Jack Cow, Ojibwe chieftains who lived seasonally in the area with their tribes in the early 1800’s. Our lake was formed for logging purposes by lumber barons with the construction of wooden dams as far back as 1863. It has been surmised that the general lake body was formed as the dam and the subsequent rise in water joined three separate bodies—Little Eels, the Big Bay, and the larger northern and eastern body. The first concrete dams on our lake were completed in 1947 as part of the build out of the Trent Waterway System. These concrete dams substantially raised the overall water levels on the lake.

We have a healthy and diverse fish population in Eels. Our Lake Trout population is currently being supplemented through a stocking program by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries (MNRF). This project has been implemented to assist the Lake Trout in their return to successful natural spawning. In addition, slot size and winter ice fishing restrictions are in place to help preserve the fishery. Wildlife is abundant at the lake with recent bald eagle and osprey sightings plus the usual bear, moose and deer encounters.

As part of North Kawartha Lakes and Highlands East we are rewarded by being within a 2 – 3 hour drive of the Greater Toronto Area. There are approximately 400 cottage properties and two commercial outlets on the lake.

The Cottagers Association of Eels Lake is a not-for-profit unincorporated association. The Association has been in existence for 65 + years.

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