Eels lake cottagers

President’s Message:

As I approach the second year as President of ELCA I want to reflect on the fact that the strides we are making on behalf of our Lake are being accomplished by caring and active volunteer cottagers such as yourselves.

We should not take for granted that someone else will look after things. It is all part of our collective obligation. It starts with caring for the environment around us and it progresses in supporting our Association through a nominal yearly contribution and taking an active part in its activities. Sadly, only about 1/3 of our cottagers contribute financially in support of the Association. Yet, all of us make use of the marker buoys, the benefits of Clean-up Day, the initiatives taken by individuals to organize and run our annual Regatta, the promotion of our interests with the Trent Severn Waterways, the work put in with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to help reestablish a healthy Lake Trout population and countless interactions with fellow organizations/associations to promote the interests of Eels Lake.

We cannot take for granted that which we all are lucky to enjoy. Like many of my fellow Board members and cottagers I believe that climate change is really happening and that we must ALL be involved in protecting our valuable resource, Eels Lake. Through the generosity of a long-term family on the Lake a $100,000 fund has been set up to help us and future generations protect this cherished Lake from any untoward actions by the TSW. But we must all be involved in one way or another. So I urge that our goal be for 100% participation in support of OUR Lake. Thank You.

Pete Tolev

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